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Teen Wolf Big Bang 2016

I feel lucky because I could work with another great and excellent writer this year on our TW Big Bang. Kylia, it was my honour to work with you and I'm really glad you liked my walls and banners :)

Author: saphicwicca
Artist: galadriel34
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles
Title: The Keeper (on AO3)
Rating: PG-13

The Pack
The Pack members:

 photo derek.jpg

 photo isaac.jpg

 photo lydia.jpg

 photo jackson1.jpg

 photo danny.jpg

 photo peter.jpg

 photo sheriffa.jpg

 photo scott.jpg

Tags: art: banner, art: illustration, art: wallpaper, character tw: danny, character tw: derek hale, character tw: isaac lahey, character tw: lydia, character tw: peter hale, character tw: scott, character tw: sheriff stilinski, character tw: stiles, genre: art, rating: pg-13, tv: teen wolf

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